1. Montauk Surf
    Billy Martin

  2. Tea House Rain
    Billy Martin

  3. Silhouette
    Creative Legacy Ensemble

    Billy Martin

  5. G U I L T Y
    Billy Martin

  6. Pitamaha II (remastered)
    Various Balinese Musicians

  7. The Invention of Animals
    The John Lurie National Orchestra

  8. The Shell Collector - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Billy Martin

  9. Meshes
    Billy Martin

  10. Disappearing
    Billy Martin

  11. Wandering (Music)
    Billy Martin

  12. Bittersuite in the Ozone
    Bob Moses

  13. Heels Over Head
    Billy Martin

  14. Shimmy
    Billy Martin & Wil Blades

  15. Out of the Box
    Allen Herman

  16. Wicked Knee
    Billy Martin's Wicked Knee

  17. IOOi
    IOOi, Ikue Mori, Okkyung Lee, DJ Olive, illy B

  18. Mago
    Billy Martin & John Medeski

  19. Derek
    Derek Bailey & Cyro Baptista

  20. Consequences
    Dave Burrell and Billy Martin

  21. illy B Eats Volume 3
    Billy Martin

  22. Billy Martin: Solo - Live at Tonic (NYC) 2002
    Billy Martin

  23. Live at Houston Hall
    Billy Martin & Grant Calvin Weston

  24. Tonic (NYC) January 14-15, 2005
    Billy Martin & Socket

  25. illy B Eats Vol. 1: Groove, Bang And Jive Around
    Billy Martin

  26. Pitamaha
    Various Gamelan Artists

  27. The Turntable Sessions Volume 1
    Various Artists

  28. Antidote (illy B Eats remixes)
    Various Artists

  29. Black Elk Speaks
    Billy Martin

  30. Drop The Needle (illy B Eats remixes)
    Various Artists

  31. DrummingBirds
    Bob Moses & Billy Martin

  32. Falling Water - bamboo rainsticks
    Billy Martin

  33. For No One in Particular
    Billy Martin, Grant Calvin Weston, DJ Logic

  34. Love Everlasting
    Bob Moses & Tisziji Muñoz

  35. Percussion Duets
    Billy Martin & Grant Calvin Weston

  36. illy B Eats Volume 2
    Billy Martin

  37. Love Animal
    Bob Moses


Amulet Records Englewood, New Jersey

Amulet Records is a record label specialising in percussion, avant-garde, and experimental music. The label was established by the percussionist composer and visual artist Billy Martin in 1996, inspired by a percussion session with the Lounge Lizards drummers Grant Calvin Weston and Billy Martin who released their first duet record Percussion Duets in 1997. ... more

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